Directions for Use

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Use exofin Precision Pen In 6 Easy Steps

Step 1

The incision or trauma site must be clean and dry before applying adhesive. Ensure that the wound edges are easily approximated.


Step 2

Twist the pre-assembled applicator tip onto the pen body in a clockwise direction until the applicator is tight. The applicator will puncture the foil membrane inside the pen once seated and adhesive will be allowed to flow.


Step 3

While holding the pen slightly downward and away from patient, begin squeezing until adhesive is visible in the connector. Continue squeezing until glue appears in the clear applicator tip.

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Step 4

Immediately begin to apply the high viscosity, topical skin adhesive to the wound site. Continue squeezing while brushing in a back and forth motion “painting the surface” until completely covered. If additional sites require adhesive, move to those sites and repeat.


Step 5

The adhesive should be tack free approximately 30 seconds after application, but is dependent upon the thickness of the adhesive layer. Care should be taken to create a smooth even layer of adhesive to prevent thick edges which may lead to inadvertent bond breakage of the adhesive.

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Step 6

Once adhesive has completely polymerized (non-tacky) you may cover the site with a secondary bandage if desired. If a secondary bandage is used, DO NOT apply to the adhesive area until it is completely tack free. Applying while tacky may result in adhesive removal when removing secondary bandage and possibly dehiscence of the wound site.

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